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AIK BANKA- a Serbian reformist bank!

It has been 45 years since the establishment of the AIK bank of Serbia, and it has gained a reputation for being one of the most reliable and efficient financial institutions as it mainly focuses on the customer satisfactions through high quality retail and commercial products and services. Today, the bank is able to gain the position of being in one of the top 10 banks in the country. Their organic growth and acquisition has made the bank focus on increasing the market presence and it was the first Serbian bank to enter the European Union market because of its acquisition of the Slove­nia’s Gorenjska banka.  The underlying footprints or the bank’s business strategy includes ‘regional connection, European values, stability, availability, trust, social responsibility and orientation towards individual-user requirements’ according to the CEO, Jelena Galić.

Getting to know that the bank exists because of its customers, the bank continuously aims at searching new and fresh views to do what they have been better at, now through the development of digital services and products which is made available for the customers throughout the days and weeks and tailor make it to meet the requirements of their customers’ changing needs like being in the first in its market to offer an e-commerce service.  The bank has also supported the government in preserving the stability and prosperity for Serbians in a taxing macroeconomic environment.

AIK Banka’s everlasting commitment to its community matches the services delivery the offer and it is shown in the continuous investments in the innovations, attached to the highest terms of professionalism and business ethics. The respect of their business partners, customers and consumers and the demonstrated environmental awareness and its protection are all a highlight of the bank. It also concerns to boarder social issues. In accepting these contributions, this reformist bank won the prestigious International Banker award for the best commercial bank in Serbia five years in a row, 2015-19.

Ms. Jelena Galić, chairman of the Executive Board and chief executive officer, shared AIK Banka’s latest activities and achievements. She had few insights which were worth noting to better ourselves in the verge of banking.

Serbia achieved and preserved macroeconomic constancy through accountable economic policy and helped investor self-assurance grow, which considerably augmented the inflow of foreign direct investment and overall influenced the deterioration in risk premiums and growth in credit scores. The National Bank of Serbia has donated significantly to achieving good economic results through the dependable execution of monetary policy and full harmonization with fiscal policy. AIK Banka chains all programs envisioned for the local market, observes the market trends, is in continual contact with its clients and accepts all the available initial activities. Taking into interpretation the capital and liquidity spots of the bank as well as the fact that the pointers in this area are suggestively above the regulatory limits and market standards, and with all obtainable market information in this age. They are fully convinced that they shall maintain a steady position in the future as well, she said. The headquarters underlying our business plans are the regional assembly, European values, stability, availability, trust, social responsibility and alignment towards individual-user necessities, thus safeguarding these long-term sustainability, she concluded.

The bank’s basic goal resides the same that is to create products and services for each client, looking individually at his/her personal requirements and preferences. And the appropriate deliberation of market trends and requirements of the bank’s users as well as a passable response to tasks and wise management of the changes and risks that they bring is a method that they have cultivated so far and will continue to nurture.

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