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Britain mistakenly puts Russian central bank’s address

Britain mistakenly assigned the address of the Russian central bank to a privately held bank with close links to Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was the target of sanctions announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Johnson slapped sanctions on five private banks. The government said that it was privately owned by elite Russian billionaires with direct links to Putin.

The government mistakenly listed Bank Rossiya’s address as Neglinnaya, 12, Moscow, 107016, Russia which is the address of Russia’s central bank, Bank Rossiya. This bank is based in the northern Russian city of St Petersburg. Neglinnaya Street in Moscow has been home to a Russian or Soviet central bank office for at least a century. The British foreign office issued an update to make administrative corrections to two listings, which is under the Russia sanctions regime which gave the bank‘s correct address. The Russian central bank in Moscow’s understanding was that it was a mistake and that it had had no impact on the bank’s operations.

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