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Citizen lane- Providing permits

Till Newman, the managing partner at Citizen Lane in an interview shares his insights about the Citizen Lane’s specialities in helping business have a more approachable outlook. Not only SME entrepreneurs but individual enterprise investors also have expanded their operations in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Malta, Antigua and Barbuda, and Vanuatu. From having advisors to advice CEOs and families on what and how will the things work to having a legal team taking care of the process from start to finish? They have leveraging a broad network of advisors and legal teams to help their clients have a secure relationship with the company.

When asked about ‘The difficulty faced by the countries when they look to expand in the countries Citizen Lanes specialises’ Till Neumann outlined few of them.

Europe’s golden visa of Portugal and Malta, UK’s Tier 1 visa (investor). Have their own advantages like investors applying for Residence permit which comes with clear guidance and conditions if to be investing in the country. But in Germany even without legally required investment amount and German authorities will handle every case individually and the immigration legislation is rather broad and general.

Which means investment route to immigration In Germany is not only open to big businesses. SME also has a greater chance of successful investment in Germany and to receive a residence permit. Citizen Lane sells the ideas of business of their clients to the authorities and evaluates the ideas of the business in Germany.

Since the Germany‘s Law organises it’s immigration on the municipal or regional level it might be a little difficult of a challenge to reach the responsible officers. But  with Citizen Lane it will be an easy process to move through these process successfully as they know the ins and out of the process from working with the immigration authorities in Germany from many years and have gone through the negotiations which might be a little difficult for the newbies. Citizen Lane is capable of getting pre-approved permit even before lodging effective application for residence.

Having five years of experience Citizen Lane offers not just the benefit of residence permit but also help mitigate business and financial risks as they are well versed in business expansion and the order of the process.

At the time of Brexit when asked about having any negative impacts he expressed that the company was ready to assist its British clients when the UK’s transitional period ended on 31st December 2020 and its citizens will be needing a residence or work permit if they want to either live or work in any of the EU member state.

While working with multiple jurisdictions on bringing companies, the one common factor is that al jurisdiction offer excellent business opportunities, well-educated staff and a reliable legal framework which makes a potential business opportunity to migrate and expand under these jurisdictions.

Germany and Austria have the most sought-after jurisdiction as they do not have a passive investment route to the residency or their citizenship. The minimum investment of 500,000 Euros in property is required. Where as in countries like Portugal they welcome entrepreneurs to set up their self-employment while they contribute to the country’s economy. In Malta, corporate tax being as low as 5% with a proper structure the personal income tax can be 15,000 Euros per annum. For the ones who are looking to migrate or relocate to any EU countries Citizen Lane suggests that they should have an office to service the market of the EU. Implying to even the businesses with consumer goods and e-commerce. Lastly they assure that all the clients will have guidance and support throughout the whole process from Citizen Lane giving the best chance of success across Europe and rest of the world. 

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