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EYESON is providing Auto-Moderated town hall meetings

Telecommunication nowadays is made more easily accessible. This is the greatest feature of our culture of digitisation. Another reason for this is also the pandemic situation, because every meetings and events are being held online nowadays.

With further implementation of virtual and hybrid events, managers and event moderators are facing great difficulties. This is because due to the high number of participants are difficult to keep in focus.

Eyeson has a patented single stream technology. It has the feature that optimizes video conferencing streams on cloud servers. These are then transmitted to all participants in a defined layout in real time. Based on intelligent activity tracking, eyeson goes beyond moderated video conferencing towards cloud-based auto arrangement of videos and participants. This is made possible because of the unique selection algorithm developed by eyeson.

Andreas Kröpfl, CEO of eyeson says that the major advantage of their intelligent algorithm is that the virtual events are oftentimes a source of concerns regarding the moderation of the event and participants. He also added that they care about excellence and easy communication. And so, they conceived a technology that dynamically prioritizes activity and allows refocusing of participants as needed.

Merging multiple video or audio streams into one stream is well known by now. But still merging hundreds of videos are not controlled and well organised. Hence this causes trouble to many event organisers. But in the eyeson team, for this trouble they have developed an algorithm. This helps us to prioritise by activity and keep everyone focused on the essential.

The main feature of this algorithm of eyeson is that it brings active speakers to the virtual main stage automatically. The meeting participants are arranged by voice activity. And then, the free positions will be filled automatically by the persons who have their cameras on. Instead of someone who is currently inactive, someone who is speaking will be shown in the stream.

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