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How to overcome the fear of AI implementation in the workforce?

Recently we came across an article which conveyed the tips and tricks to fight the fear of the AI adoption and what the organizations could do to make the process less frightening. The increasing growth and adaptation of the technology in to our day to day lives worldwide had led to many radical changes in a very large proportion resulting in our daily functions and routines. Amongst these, especially the use of the Artificial Intelligence has exemplified. On a whole, the society has been very open minded and has accepted the technological advancements in to their daily lives, both in professional and personal aspects. But there is a sense of skepticism still in the air regarding few exceptions in the trend considering the AI, and why would that be? Many researches aimed to understand the thought process of the employees’ fear towards the adoption of the AI and what could be done to mitigate it.

Organizations are working hard to put AI into their everyday practices but at the same worried about their work force not being able to adapt the same as this would result in hiring the organizational HR Practices in two sectors, mainly focusing on the implementation of well-being and up skilling practices of the employees as both would result in achieving visible results in the institution’s economic growth.

As genuine as it may sound, the fear towards having an AI in their daily lives, employees might be looking it as a superficial concept because of their prior exposure to media and science fiction. The exaggerated portrayal of the AI through advanced robotics in the movies have shaped the mind’s perceptions on the power the AI possess. The only threat that the Human and AI collaboration possess is, the AI has the ability to remove the basic capabilities which the majority of the professions depend upon and this might result in a large proportion of jobs being taken off of the labor markets since AI has such power. Without demonstrating the actual uses the AI possess, the sci-fi movies have messed with the mindsets of the common people bring fear about such technological advancements. There can be a mass job creation when individuals up skill with regards to AI adoption.

The number of job creations is more compared to the job loss through the AI implementation and replacement of the human work forces. The organizations are now battling to assess the fields in which they and their employees need to up skill and implement AI and make their current workforce get adapted to the future organizational needs. And as said the two main areas of focus is up skill or re-skill and the other is manage the well-being practices. Either of the two serves s great purpose is mitigating the fear but the combination of both can fetch a massive success. This helps in creating accuracy to certain extend in the organizational inefficiencies and addresses the root causes and fears that has been put on the employees since the time of AI’s development. Up skilling will help in individual development and growth resulting in the future sustainability for the employees to cope with the future advancements and technology. Therefore having or maintaining these skills will create a task specific and technical training offers for the employees to adapt to these new methods.

Therefore the implementation of the AI depends on the organization’s commitment to their employees, their developments and their well-being as practicing these methods will create a stronger workforce capable of creating a highly skilled workforce which is able to utilize the AI.

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